What we do


Kitchen projects are an Inspired Renovations favorite! There are so many fun aspects involved from beginning to end! The feeling of accomplishment is awesome! We pretty much do it all, start to finish. This means less subs, or in other words, less people in your home.


A bathroom is sometimes one of the few places you can get some peace. If you’re a parent, you probably know this well!  So, why not make your bathroom an amazing place to be?  We’ll do everything up to the highest standard. There are no shortcuts, or cutting corners.  We strive for perfection!


Beyond what we consider some of the more important features in your home (kitchens and baths), why not expand the horizon? We are experts in lighting layout and color schemes, so it is only natural that the rest of your home should get the same treatment as the bigger focal points!


What kind of fun would it be if we did not do interior design? Being able to see the vision come to life is very satisfying! As easy as it is for us to see the vision, sometimes it can be tough to articulate. This is why we offer state of the art 3D design. It ensures that we are on the same page and that you truly get what you want! Let Inspired Renovations design your space!


Because we want to provide a complete package, we offer interior decorating as well! We can really put the pizzazz in your living space. Whether it be a few throw pillows, wall art, knickknacks, or even furniture, we can do it! We like to stay ahead of the curve with trends that are up and coming, ensuring your decor will not be outdated for years!


We offer free in home consultations where you can meet with our general contractor/owner, Nicholi Long, to discuss your needs and wants. He understands that the remodel process can be trying on home life. We ask that our customers be sure they are in a good space before we begin – and we always do our best not to impede in spaces that are not being worked on.